take a fun Pregnancy announcement photo

Freddy (141)I love seeing pregnancy announcement photos!  Even before I was thinking about having children I loved to see how excited other people where about bringing new life into the world. Such a happy joyous time and such an exciting moment to capture and document! Harry and I have never been 100 % serious so we added a little humour when we announced we were expecting our little Freddy!

Live life and.. capture the special moment announcing your expecting! Add it to your live life list ❤

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xxx With Love SC



Go Parasailing

Go parasailing (3)-2THIS WAS AN AMAZING EXPIERENCE! It was also an amazing day because Harry proposed to me on this day! He surprised me and took me to Moreton Island for my birthday, he wanted to do something really special as previous months had been quite tough trying to conceive and we had just been told we would need IVF to ever be able to have children. We were both feeling quite numb.

Go parasailing (1)-2

After Harry proposed he later told me he had been holding onto the ring for a while now and was waiting for the right time to ask me and with everything that had been happening he thought this was a perfect time for both of us. It was a chance to relight the spark within us that had somewhat dimmed over the previous months ( we later found that the doctors should never say never because a little tiny Freddy was actually in my tummy at this stage! News we were about to joyfully receive in the near future!) Harry had originally planned to propose whilst we were up in the air parasailing!

He then changed his mind as he had read horror stories about the groom to be feeling nervous and accidentally dropping the ring into the ocean! So, he played it safe and Proposed on top of a Sand dune whilst we were gazing out at the beautiful ocean.

2010-2015 (94)-2

He then took me parasailing and it was such an amazing experience ! The hosts were fantastic as were the other members of the group that were on the boat – it was a lovely Greek family who were giggling and laughing, encouraging and teasing one another and made the experience hilarious!2010-2015 (107)-2
Moreton Island was absolutely beautiful especially travelling around to the secluded beaches where it was peaceful, quiet and the sand was golden.
Live Life and… try Parasailing! Add it to your live life list!
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Fly on an aeroplane for the first time

Here I was worried he wasn’t going to handle his first aeroplane ride and from the moment we stepped into the airport he was a little ball of excitement! Our first flight was to see family in Tasmania which is a three-hour flight from Brisbane and he was amazing! I was breast-feeding at the time so about an hour into the flight I nursed him and he slept for a good hour – I couldn’t believe our luck!

2017 (669)-2.jpg

We have been on four flights so far with him and his been fantastic on all of them but they have all been under four hours, I can’t wait to travel and see the world with him so if anyone has any flight advice for those long flights  with children please share!

first flight (3)-2.jpg

Live life and… take your first aeroplane ride, if this is something you have had the opportunity to experience already,  take someone who hasn’t been able to experience it yet ! We took our little Freddy 🙂 Add it to your live life list!

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Go Boating

2010-2015 (69)-2.jpgMy husband comes with boats…There is no discussing, debating, bartering, it’s in his fine print… Harry the husband equals a yard full of boats. I have a closet full of clothes so I guess we all have our thing and I have learnt to love that about him even if we have to pay a fortune in registering numerous boats every year.

2010-2015 (66)-2.jpg
We have taken our little Freddy out a couple of times now and of course he takes after his daddy, he too has found a love for being on the water and I have found a love watching their eyes sparkle. I have my limits I now know never to ride on the tube behind the boat when Harry is driving, of course I learnt that the hard way…  You can see me in the feature photo above teaching Freddy that when daddy drives too fast and we are in the ocean this is the whistle you blow!

go boating (6)-2

Live life and… go boating it’s a whole lot of fun! Simply just being on the boat gliding over the water or the thrill-seeking tubing, wake boarding, water skiing there’s so many boating activities!  You don’t have to own a boat, people run these experiences as businesses these days. Maybe a friend has a boat!  Add it to your live life list!


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xxx With Love SC

Ride on a Ferry

2017 (738)-2I think the ferries are such a wonderful thing about Sydney, I love being over the water I find it so calming.  This was Freddy’s first ferry ride and we were on our way to look at the Sydney opera house and then travel by ferry again over to Manly beach.  Sydney was beautiful and the Ferry rides were such a beautiful way to travel to different places – especially avoiding the Sydney traffic!

Live life and… take a ferry ride! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC

Go on a road Trip

The book in the feature photo above is from Kikki K and it’s one of my all-time favourites! I love that it inspires you to live more! go on a road trip (2)-2I’ve been doing it over the past year and it’s been so much fun. No 48 was go on a road trip and Harry and I had been talking about flying down to see my grandparents for a few months and when I saw this page in the book we thought why not drive and make it a road trip?! I’d never been down the East Coast and we hadn’t been on an adventure in ages so we packed up the car and our little Freddy and set down the Coast. I love all the little towns you go through on the way and all the little locally owned stores, we came across wood workshops, teacup Shops, vintage book shops, antique shops, amazing little parks and rivers, it all was so interesting and fun! 2017 (970)Music playing, singing along with my lover in our amazing singing voices – ha ha just kidding mine is terrible, but that doesn’t stop me singing along to Christine Aguilera! When the little ones are older Harry and I plan to do a road trip around Australia I seriously cannot wait!

Live life and… Go on a road trip! Pack up the car, put together a playlist and set off on an adventure whether it be for the day, weekend, week, month, year! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC



Catch a snowflake on your tongue

Still cant believe it snowed in Summer for us whilst we were in Canada! We all got to experience how much fun the white powder is and was so funny trying to catch snowflakes on our tongue 😛

Live life and… Catch a snowflake on your tongue.

Add it to your live life list.

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xxx With Love SC

See a ship wreck

This visited this ship Wreck when we camped on Fraser Island and was definitely one of the highlights of the trip – honestly wasn’t hard to make it to one of the highlights as on the trip our tent collapsed, air mattress popped, the Tent with all our clothes and bedding flooded, car broke down ( big time literally got towed off the island going like 5km an hour 😅 was a looooong drive with a toddler 😅 ), and the brand new gazebo legs mysteriously just all broke in the middle of the night and collapsed on all our setup and all the food… drop bear maybe fell on it ? 😘 ha ha but seriously seeing a ship wreck was a highlight I loved it 🤗 I desperately wanted to snorkel around but my Husband scared me saying it’s where the sharks hangout 😬😬 and with the current stream of bad luck we were having didn’t want to risk a shark bite 😘😘

If I learnt something that trip it was that they were all invaluable experiences and memories to look back and laugh on 😘 and to try and find the fun in the Chaos 😅

Live life and… see a ship Wreck.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

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xxx With Love SC

Go on an adventure

Live life and… Go on an adventure! Whether it be by foot, car, boat or plane this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for to push you to go! Explore, experience , have fun , live life ❤️❤️ leap 🤗

Today we booked our first international holiday 🤗 we are taking our little man to Canada! 🇨🇦 Not your typical Baby moon vacation 😂 – I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant but life’s to short not to leap so we are going on our last little adventure as a family of 3 before our baby #2 arrives ❤️ cant wait to take our little beastie on an aeroplane again he loved the last flight – this one a little different triple the flight time 😬 ! Brisbane 🇦🇺 ——>Vancouver 🇨🇦 Words cannot describe my excitement 😄😄 expect to see lots of Canada pics 😁😘

Live life and… Go on an adventure ✨

Capture many many moments and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Ride a sea to sky Gondola

Second day in Canada and I’m still just in awe that every which way I turn there is just so much natural beauty! We rode the Gondola up to Squamish today, we picked such a good day it was so quiet we had the place to ourselves! The views going up the mountain in the sea to sky Gondola where just beautiful ! We got to the top went for a small hike and found snow!! It was only a little bit but it was enough to play, eat and throw at each other 😘 This is definitely one to put on your live life list 🤗

Live life and… ride on a sea to sky Gondola

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Go Whale watching


iphone (527)So exciting we saw two hump back whales! Beautiful big tails flipping in the air when they were diving 🐋 This was a 5 hour tour and I was unsure if Freddy would handle being on a boat that long only being 2 years old but he absolutely loved it ! The first 3 hours we looked out every window , walked around the boat, looked at the “watah” ( as Freddy Calls it 😘) and spotted lots of Bald eagles and seals until we finally saw some whales!

iphone (252)


Then Freddy laid on the seat and fell asleep for the last two hours 😂🤗 We were so excited we entered American waters from Canada – I can say I’ve been in America 😘 we didn’t see any Killer whales which is something I would love to see 😍 So we would love to go again on a future adventure 🤗

iphone (10)

Live life and… go whale watching! It was an amazing


Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

iphone (330)


Visit Spirit Island on maligne lake

By far the most beautiful place we have ever seen 💗 This was such a magical day cruising on the Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. We arrived at Spirit island after cruising along the crystal clear Aqua blue glacier waters in Maligne lake, we explored the little island, surrounded by beautiful mountains in the distance with snow covered peaks and got to see and learn about the history of the majestic Spirit Island. I cannot explain in words… all I can say is you need to experience this in your lifetime to see and feel the energy that surrounds this legendary island to understand its breathtaking beauty. ✨

Add it to your live life list 💛

xxx With Love SC

Stay in a log cabin

Spent the last three days in a cosy log cabin tucked away in the woods in Canada. Soaking in a beautiful old fashioned tub with my little boy and my big pregnant belly ❤ The second day we woke up to it snowing outside ❄️! Was so cosy and incredibly peaceful ~ even with a little toddler Freddy!
This one is a must – add it to your live life list ❤

Live life and… stay in a log cabin.


xxx With Love SC





Play in the Snow

Guess who got a snow ball to the face straight after this photo 😅 Live life and… Play in the snow! Taste it, throw it, make snow angels, simply gaze at how beautiful everything looks covered in snow ❄️

Add it to your live life list ❄️

xxx With Love Sc


Visit Canada

Thankyou Cananda 🇨🇦 You were beautiful ❤️ Natural beauty at its Finest 🌲🏔❄️ Cant wait to explore the rest of you someday ❤️

Live life and… Visit Canada. Open your eyes wider to the breath taking natural beauty our world has to offer 🌎

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Fly in a seaplane


iphone (445)One of my fears has become one of my favourite memories 🤗 Harry and I were both so scared about going on a sea plane but we knew our little Freddy would absolutely love it- and we ended up loving it too! Once we had taken off and we saw how happy Freddy was along with an amazing view over Canada the fear just diminished and turned into excitement and we found the whole experience amazing!

iphone (334)⠀⠀

At the end of the flight the pilot asked if Freddy would like to play in the pilot seat whilst he went and got some lunch and left us alone to press buttons and have fun – what a legend! I think everyone on the plane was jealous they didn’t have a toddler as an excuse to stay behind and play Pilot 😘

iphone (271)

Put this one on your live life list! 📌 Was so beautiful 🤗 so fun 🤗 and completely out of our comfort zone which made it exhilarating 🤗 ⠀⠀

Thanks Freddy for pushing mummy and daddy to face there fears to give you amazing experiences in life 💗 he gave me the biggest smooch after the plain ride to say thankyou ~ what a cutie 😍

Live life and…fly in a sea plane

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Explore a new city

Exploring new cities 🤗 I love love love exploring new cities finding all the good local food spots and walking through the streets admiring all the little attributes that make the city unique 💗 ⠀⠀

It’s a big World our there🌏 Go Explore🤗

Live life and…Explore a new city. Explore many ❤️

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Ride on a chairlift

We had just been driven up the mountain to learn all about Boo the Grizzly bear and his history but didn’t realise we weren’t getting a lift back down by car… so the only way down was by chairlift! Swinging chair lift + toddler + husband who loves to play pranks + 34 weeks pregnant – let’s just say I was a little nervous 😅😅 But I Pushed myself out of my comfort zone and jumped on! Well waddled on 😅( pregnant life 😂) and to my surprise Harry and Freddy sat peacefully ( so proud of them both 😘) and this was my view.. how could I not enjoy myself? !! Even got the courage to let go of my firm grip on the rail to reach into my bag for my camera to capture the moment so I can cherish forever ❤️

Live life and… ride on a chair lift.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

And if your game enough to let go of the rail and snap a photo to cherish as a memory share with #livelifeand 😘😘

xxx With Love SC

Set Goals

27 today 🤗 I love to see my birthday as a fresh start and an opportunity to make plans and set goals for the 365 days ahead 💛 I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with a huge list so I picked 10 things for my 27th year 🙃

1. Support local artisans 🌻

2. Eat a whole food plant based diet 🌱

3. Try to better understand the mind of a toddler 🙈

4. Be playful, fun and not take life to seriously 🙃

5. Be adventurous , Try new things , and take risks 🦋

6.Be courageous enough to express my creativity. 🌈

7. Contribute to charities whenever I can 💛

8. Live more sustainably 🌿

9. Continue learning about anything that helps me grow as an individual, mother and human 🙏

10. This is my eighth year on the goldcoast… and I’m finally going to learn to surf the beautiful Goldcoast waves 🌊

Wish me luck ✌️ .

What are your goals for the year ahead? Do you enjoy setting goals and having direction?

Live life and… set goals ✨

Share your goals and inspire others with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Visit an Icefield Glacier

Little Freddy crying after he copied his daddy and tried to lick the ice 😂 cold on his little tongue! The Icefields were incredible! – and freezing! Don’t judge my footwear 😂 This was an unplanned visit and it’s all I had with me 😅 but I didn’t want to miss out on such an amazing experience so I braved the ice on my toes! Thankfully I had a couple of beanies in the glove box so our ears were toasty and warm! We travelled up to the Glacier on an ice explorer and then got to explore the ice field ❄️ we also took up an empty water bottle and filled it up with the glacier water 💧❄️

This was such an incredible and memorable experience I highly recommend adding this one to your Live life list ❄️🤗❄️

xxx With Love Sc

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