Put your little one in the sink.. bath or dishes its so much fun!

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Why? Because lifes more fun when you shake things up!  Freddy thought this was a fantastic idea he found it hilarious and he baths in the sink all the time now! It’s also a great way to multi task getting the dishes done when you have two sinks, baby in one sink and wash the dishes in the other!live life list edited (40)-2.jpg

I try to wash the dishes with him all the time because he absolutely loves helping me and I love that we can do it together. Yes, it definitely takes longer but when you see something so simple like your little one finding that helping you scrub the dishes is fascinating and the way it lights up his little face with joy the extra time and mess is nothing.

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Live life and.. spice things up- give your little one a bath in the sink! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC

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