Fly on an aeroplane for the first time

Here I was worried he wasn’t going to handle his first aeroplane ride and from the moment we stepped into the airport he was a little ball of excitement! Our first flight was to see family in Tasmania which is a three-hour flight from Brisbane and he was amazing! I was breast-feeding at the time so about an hour into the flight I nursed him and he slept for a good hour – I couldn’t believe our luck!

2017 (669)-2.jpg

We have been on four flights so far with him and his been fantastic on all of them but they have all been under four hours, I can’t wait to travel and see the world with him so if anyone has any flight advice for those long flights  with children please share!

first flight (3)-2

Live life and… take your first aeroplane ride, if this is something you have had the opportunity to experience already,  take someone who hasn’t been able to experience it yet ! We took our little Freddy 🙂 Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC