write a letter to someone special

I love receiving a letter in the post, That excited feeling when you open the letter box and there’s an envelope with your name handwritten on the front awaiting there to open pages of handwritten content with personal warmth behind it. Its something I cherish and I know it’s hard sometimes to find that spare time to write a letter with everything on that schedule of yours but when you make time to sit down and get lost with pen and paper hand writing away it’s like a form of meditation, its relaxing, still and peaceful. The whole experience of both sending and receiving letters is something that today we no longer experience often but I truly find joy in sending a receiving a letter so I’m trying my hardest this year to put in the extra effort and write to my friends instead of jumping on my iPhone to email, message or text away.

My beautiful friend Melissa inspired me to write letters again so she has become my pen pal this year and my letters journey from Queensland across the Bass Strait to Tasmania and then another one journeys back to my letter box.  I’d love to write to all my friends and in time I’d like to accomplish this but for now I’ve started with the achievable goal of making time to write to my one beautiful friend and the letter in the photo above is to my beautiful Melissa.

Who could you write a letter to? Make the time and send it someone special.

Live life and… write a letter to someone special. Add it to your live life list ❤

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xxx With Love SC