Teach your little ones to swim

We love to take Freddy swimming, so much that we do it every week all year round, in summer we take him in the pool all the time but when the weather gets a bit chilly outside in the cooler months we go to a little swim school with the other bubbas. We look forward to it every week and the swimming instructors at the swim school we go to are amazing with the bubbas and kids.

take your little one swimmimg-2.jpg

Freddy learns so much from the other bubbas in his class especially when there’s a few toddlers a little bit older than him. His like a little sponge – he soaks up what he sees and picks the activity up so much faster if he sees another bubba do it first. We started taking him when he was about 3 months old and he absolutely loves it his such a water baby! take your little one swimming (2)We love watching him learn , progress and try new things every week it’s definitely worth every cent we spend taking him. I can’t recommend swimming for bubbas high enough its truly the best! We have another little bubba on the way and Harry and I will both be getting in the water every week and won’t have to fight over who gets to go swimming this week!

Live life and.. take your little one/s swimming! Add it to your live life list ❤

Capture and Share a photo of your little bubba splashing around with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC