Take your little one out on a coffee date

take your little one out for coffee (2)-2.jpgI am a coffee lover… The process of making the coffee , the delicious smell, watching the steam rising off the top and ofcourse sipping away on the delicious taste.. Oh coffee you are one of my loves in life!  Freddy and I go out for a coffee and bubbachino date once a week and its one of my favourite things to do with him, Cost under $8 and a little treat we both look forward too. 2017 (655)-2.jpg

I’ve been taking him out on coffee dates since he was a newborn and majority of the time his a little well behaved champ, sits down with me and sips away on his bubbachino.. other times his ready to get down and explore like all toddlers love to do but if you suss out the good café spots with little play areas you get more relaxing time and more fun for the little ones! Our favourite spot at the moment Crafted Coffee Co at the kitchens Robina town centre we meet with some girlfriends and other little ones and the littlies play in the little rainforest room outside the coffee shop-  its super cute!

2018 (970).JPG

Live Life and…  take your little out for a coffee and Bubbachino date. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC