Sit amongst the leaves

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am a lover of leaves… the first ever gift my husband harry ever got me was a leaf. I must have been raving about how beautiful they were, so one day on his way back from paddling on his surf ski he bought me back a leaf, we weren’t together at the time just roommates and really good friends but I think I may have fallen completely in love with him at that moment. There’s just something so special about them , I love that they are just as beautiful when they have fallen and died as when they are in blossom on a tree,  I love that there are so many different shapes sizes and colours from beautiful greens to golden and deep maroons, I love the gentle sound they make in the wind, I love the way they fall softly and land on the ground through autumn , and I love how one leaf can be just as beautiful as thousands of leaves on a tree. So, sitting amongst leaves is defiantly one of the most romantic pleasures I have with nature gazing up at their beauty. I only have one leaf, the one Harry bought back for me that day eight years ago. I don’t feel I need to collect or savour anymore I have one very special leaf…I simply love to see them and appreciate them where they are in nature.

So, it’s clear I’m a weirdo! I have a romance with leaves… leaves are just my thing ha ha what is your thing? Are you a lover of leaves?

Live life and… sit amongst the leaves… feel and gaze upon their beauty. Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC