Show someone you appreciate them

Freddy had decided on this morning that his wake-up time was at 1.30am… so we started our day so early it will still night-time. I got up and let Harry sleep in and of course as soon as Harry got out of bed Freddy drifted straight off to sleep! I was sitting on the couch exhausted when Harry made me a coffee in the photo above and out of the froth made a little trophy picture and the number one… he handed it to me and said “thankyou… you’re the number one mum! and I love you.” It was so sweet and my mood went from exhausted and grumpy to extremely grateful for having a beautiful baby boy and a husband whom I adore. It was small little gesture Harry did but it meant so much to me and I felt loved and cherished. I think it’s really important to do little things for your loved ones to show them you love them… actions can speak louder than words sometimes and whether its breakfast in bed, a hot bath run for you, a candle lit next to your dinner, or froth made into a picture in a coffee these little things can go a long way. They don’t have to cost anything it’s just a little extra something to spark your loved one to feel cherished. Harry once tried to make a snow man in my coffee at the start of Winter and when he passed it to me it had formed into the shape of penis… It was hilarious and now he often makes me coffees with a little picture of a penis … a little joke that’s carried on and makes us both smile. What’s a little act of kindness you do for your loved ones?

Live life and… show someone you appreciate them. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC