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gaze out t the ocean

Harry grew up by the ocean so whenever we visit the beach he tells me all about the currents, the tides, where the rips in the water are and what type of breeze is blowing. I grew up in the forest so when it comes to the ocean I know that the ocean is blue and the sand is yellow and that’s about it!So I love it when harry shares his knowledge with me. I teach him things about growing up in a cold climate in the forest – before we met he couldn’t light a fire to save himself! I could read about tides and winds etc on google but its really special sitting on the beach with Harry teaching me. In the feature photo above Harry was showing Freddy where the rips were at Cabarita beach and I snapped this photo, I love how intrigued Freddy looks even though his only about 6 months old and is most likely thinking about milk! He looks so focused like his absorbing the information… who knows maybe he was!

What can you teach someone you love? a family recipe? something about nature or history? Live life and… share your knowledge. Add it to your live life list

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xxx With Love SC