See a ship wreck

This visited this ship Wreck when we camped on Fraser Island and was definitely one of the highlights of the trip – honestly wasn’t hard to make it to one of the highlights as on the trip our tent collapsed, air mattress popped, the Tent with all our clothes and bedding flooded, car broke down ( big time literally got towed off the island going like 5km an hour 😅 was a looooong drive with a toddler 😅 ), and the brand new gazebo legs mysteriously just all broke in the middle of the night and collapsed on all our setup and all the food… drop bear maybe fell on it ? 😘 ha ha but seriously seeing a ship wreck was a highlight I loved it 🤗 I desperately wanted to snorkel around but my Husband scared me saying it’s where the sharks hangout 😬😬 and with the current stream of bad luck we were having didn’t want to risk a shark bite 😘😘

If I learnt something that trip it was that they were all invaluable experiences and memories to look back and laugh on 😘 and to try and find the fun in the Chaos 😅

Live life and… see a ship Wreck.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

Capture the moment and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC