Sculpt something with clay

Sculpt with clay (3)-2.jpg

Wednesday is creative day for Freddy and I , we always try to do something on the creative side and we thought we would test out our clay sculpting skills.. well I did… Freddy was more interested in taste testing the clay 😛  Sculpting with a toddler is challenging but very fun! I had sculpted my project many times only to take my eye of it for a second and to then see its smooshed in Freddy’s hands or in his mouth 😛 But we got there eventually!

We had lost our precious pig Bruce the week before so we sculpted a little memorial of him to put on our fence ❤ We Miss him here on our little farm.

Sculpt with clay (1)Live life and… sculpt something with clay! have fun testing out those clay sculpting skills! Add it to your live life list ❤

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC