Ride on a chairlift

We had just been driven up the mountain to learn all about Boo the Grizzly bear and his history but didn’t realise we weren’t getting a lift back down by car… so the only way down was by chairlift! Swinging chair lift + toddler + husband who loves to play pranks + 34 weeks pregnant – let’s just say I was a little nervous 😅😅 But I Pushed myself out of my comfort zone and jumped on! Well waddled on 😅( pregnant life 😂) and to my surprise Harry and Freddy sat peacefully ( so proud of them both 😘) and this was my view.. how could I not enjoy myself? !! Even got the courage to let go of my firm grip on the rail to reach into my bag for my camera to capture the moment so I can cherish forever ❤️

Live life and… ride on a chair lift.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

And if your game enough to let go of the rail and snap a photo to cherish as a memory share with #livelifeand 😘😘

xxx With Love SC