Record your little ones growing bigger


How many times have you heard someone say “they grow up so fast?” Ha ha seriously like a thousand! But everyone is right they really do grow so quick! I originally saw one of these height chart boards in my neighbour’s home and thought it was such a good idea that if you move house it comes with you… instead of leaving those precious height marks on the wall behind. My brother bought this for Freddy for his first birthday, he knows I like minimal toys etc and wanted to get something that Freddy and I could treasure forever. This was perfect and I am so excited for our little baby on the way to do this alongside Freddy as they grow up together. When my brother purchased it for his first birthday we decided to start a family tradition that the morning of Freddy’s Birthday he can come out to see how much his grown from his birthday before and get his height marked on the board.

record your little one growing-2.jpg

My brother found this board on eBay and we got to personalise what it said at the bottom, you could put your child’s name, family name or a nice quote like we did! if you look closely in the photo above I decided on a cute little phrase ‘no tippy toes’.

Live life and…Capture the little moments that make our life full by recording your little ones growing bigger. Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC