Make Muffins


make muffins-2.jpgWe love Muffins! Banana muffins especially! They’re quick easy and taste delicious! Even Teddy likes them… 😘 Sometimes I think we can get lost in the big live life list items or bucket list items whatever you want to call it – like big travel adventures or big life  moments that will one day happen in the future but are not reachable at the present time. So please remember it’s important to do those little live life experiences and adventures too because it’s all value to your life.  Yes it’s still important to achieve those big dreams when the timing is right for you  but chase the little ones too!  Making muffins is one of our ongoing little live life list items because we love to cook them and we love to eat them!

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Live life and… cook some muffins to enjoy! Make the experience even better and share the muffins with someone you cherish.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

 Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC