Have a relaxing tub

Having a nice relaxing tub in this gorgeous old bath tucked away in the woods of Canada with my little man and my big pregnant belly. Obviously you don’t have to be tucked away in a log cabin in the woods to be able to enjoy a relaxing tub, run one at home , light some candles, put in some essential oils, put on some relaxing music or enjoy the silence and lay back and relax.  I love taking the time out to run a bath and relax, sometimes it’s not possible to have a bath peacefully when I’m on mummy duties to my energetic toddler 😘so my little man joins me and we relax together ( as much as you can with a toddler 😅) Freddy’s actually very snuggly and loves to cuddle so I got some relaxing in 😘😍

Live life and… Have a relaxing tub ❤️

xxx With Love SC