Have a family day at the Beach


When was the last time you had a family day at the beach? Maybe this weekend it’s time to put the chores and the to do list aside, jump in the car and head to where the big blue meets the golden sand. I love the beach… the smell of the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, the beautiful view of the endless blue and the feel of sand between my toes.


A quiet more secluded beach is definitely more up my ally then the crowded beaches. Queensland weather certainly makes those beach days even more desirable but I also love a winters day all rugged up on the beach.  I’m still working on my courage to swim out past the breaking waves… between sharks and rips I’m terrified… but I’m edging my way out more and more! I feel so alive after swimming in the ocean its truly revitalising.

family day at the beach (1)

Beach days are even better now I have my little Freddy and Frankie to go with because I get to see them enjoy it as much as I do, sitting on the beach watching daddy out surfing, all going for a swim, or simply sitting and playing on the sand… beach days are the best.


Live life and… have a family day at the beach! Add it to your live life list.

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xxx With love SC