Hand make your loved ones a birthday cake

A life goal I’ve set for myself is to hand make my son Freddy’s birthday cake every year ( well attempt too…I’m not a cake making wizard I just google and YouTube cake making wizards and try to attempt there awesomeness 😘) It’s been so fun the last two years! And I can’t wait to continue making them for the many years to come for Freddy and of course our little baby on the way 🤗 Yesterday our little Freddy turned 2 ! I made him a cake with the theme “Freddy’s favourite things” ~ Pancakes , Marshmallows, Bubbachinos, Sprinkles and Cheekiness 😜 Freddy of course helped taste test along the way and stole a few marshmallows off the top 😘2018 (1023).JPG

Live life and… hand make your kids or your loved ones a birthday cake

Snap some pics of your masterpiece 🤗 and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

2018 (1024).JPG