Go Whale watching


iphone (527)So exciting we saw two hump back whales! Beautiful big tails flipping in the air when they were diving πŸ‹ This was a 5 hour tour and I was unsure if Freddy would handle being on a boat that long only being 2 years old but he absolutely loved it ! The first 3 hours we looked out every window , walked around the boat, looked at the β€œwatah” ( as Freddy Calls it 😘) and spotted lots of Bald eagles and seals until we finally saw some whales!

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Then Freddy laid on the seat and fell asleep for the last two hours πŸ˜‚πŸ€— We were so excited we entered American waters from Canada – I can say I’ve been in America 😘 we didn’t see any Killer whales which is something I would love to see 😍 So we would love to go again on a future adventure πŸ€—

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Live life and… go whale watching! It was an amazing


Add it to your live life list ❀️

xxx With Love SC

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