Go Parasailing

Go parasailing (3)-2.jpgTHIS WAS AN AMAZING EXPIERENCE! It was also an amazing day because Harry proposed to me on this day! He surprised me and took me to Moreton Island for my birthday, he wanted to do something really special as previous months had been quite tough trying to conceive and we had just been told we would need IVF to ever be able to have children. We were both feeling quite numb.

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After Harry proposed he later told me he had been holding onto the ring for a while now and was waiting for the right time to ask me and with everything that had been happening he thought this was a perfect time for both of us. It was a chance to relight the spark within us that had somewhat dimmed over the previous months ( we later found that the doctors should never say never because a little tiny Freddy was actually in my tummy at this stage!  News we were about to  joyfully receive in the near future!) Harry had originally planned to propose whilst we were up in the air parasailing! He then changed his mind as he had read horror stories about the groom to be feeling nervous and accidentally dropping the ring into the ocean! So, he played it safe and Proposed on top of a Sand dune whilst we were gazing out at the beautiful ocean.

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He then took me parasailing and it was such an amazing experience !  The hosts were fantastic as were the other members of the group that were on the boat – it was a lovely Greek family who were giggling and laughing, encouraging and teasing one another and made the experience hilarious!

Moreton Island was absolutely beautiful especially travelling around to the secluded beaches where it was peaceful, quiet and the sand was golden.

Live Life and… try Parasailing! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC

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