Go on vacation

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Who doesn’t love going on vacation?! whether it’s for night, a weekend away or your lucky enough to take big trip somewhere – vacations are the best! Seeing new sights, experiencing new things, taking time to relax and be fully present. Vacations are also an opportunity to press pause on your busy life and come back to your values to identify what is important to you in your life and refocus on making that a priority.

I find that sometimes I need to get away, away from distractions like all the housework or the endless to do list items and a holiday provides that opportunity for me. An opportunity to be still and refocus on what’s important, and for me that is living a quality life alongside the ones I love and filtering out anything that distracts me from that.

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So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck, away from your values and don’t feel like your living your path then maybe it’s time to take some time out to refocus.

Live life and… take a vacation. Add MANY to your live life list ❤

Capture and share your vacation moments with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


go on vacation