Go on a road Trip

The book in the feature photo above is from Kikki K and it’s one of my all-time favourites! I love that it inspires you to live more! go on a road trip (2)-2I’ve been doing it over the past year and it’s been so much fun. No 48 was go on a road trip and Harry and I had been talking about flying down to see my grandparents for a few months and when I saw this page in the book we thought why not drive and make it a road trip?! I’d never been down the East Coast and we hadn’t been on an adventure in ages so we packed up the car and our little Freddy and set down the Coast. I love all the little towns you go through on the way and all the little locally owned stores, we came across wood workshops, teacup Shops, vintage book shops, antique shops, amazing little parks and rivers, it all was so interesting and fun! 2017 (970)Music playing, singing along with my lover in our amazing singing voices – ha ha just kidding mine is terrible, but that doesn’t stop me singing along to Christine Aguilera! When the little ones are older Harry and I plan to do a road trip around Australia I seriously cannot wait!

Live life and… Go on a road trip! Pack up the car, put together a playlist and set off on an adventure whether it be for the day, weekend, week, month, year! Add it to your live life list!

Capture a moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC