Go Christmas light hunting

I love looking at the lit-up streets at Christmas. I think it’s such a beautiful time of year. I know a lot of people get flustered and anxious around this time, but I try to remember the true meaning of this time and to me it’s about giving, loving and sharing precious time with those you love. Giving gifts is not what I mean about giving, giving is about giving love, giving your time and giving your attention. I love to give gifts as well but I will only buy a gift if I feel a person will love and cherish the item, not just for the reason “I need to buy this person a gift for Christmas”. If I can’t find a gift that I believe they will truly love but I’d still like to give them something then I bake! Everyone’s loves baked goods, right? I think that’s giving them a bit of your time as well and I believe that’s something they will cherish. as well as a full tummy 🙂 For me Christmas is like a pause button, pausing the busy life and remembering what’s most important and that’s spending quality time with the most important in life and that is my relationships, relationships with my family, friends and with strangers as well. Looking at the lights every year is a reminder to me just how much time and effort people put in to lighten the lives of those in their community, bringing strangers joy from there lit up glowing houses and that’s just beautiful.

Live Life and… go Christmas light hunting. See how much effort people in your community have put in to brighten up your night. Feel Joy and be thankful this Christmas and try not to get caught up in the rush, remember Christmas is about love, giving and quality time.

Add it to your live life list<3

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC