Go Boating

2010-2015 (69)-2.jpgMy husband comes with boats…There is no discussing, debating, bartering, it’s in his fine print… Harry the husband equals a yard full of boats. I have a closet full of clothes so I guess we all have our thing and I have learnt to love that about him even if we have to pay a fortune in registering numerous boats every year.

2010-2015 (66)-2.jpg
We have taken our little Freddy out a couple of times now and of course he takes after his daddy, he too has found a love for being on the water and I have found a love watching their eyes sparkle. I have my limits I now know never to ride on the tube behind the boat when Harry is driving, of course I learnt that the hard way…  You can see me in the feature photo above teaching Freddy that when daddy drives too fast and we are in the ocean this is the whistle you blow!

go boating (6)-2

Live life and… go boating it’s a whole lot of fun! Simply just being on the boat gliding over the water or the thrill-seeking tubing, wake boarding, water skiing there’s so many boating activities!  You don’t have to own a boat, people run these experiences as businesses these days. Maybe a friend has a boat!  Add it to your live life list!


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xxx With Love SC