Get those Jobs done

Four bloody boys I was living with at the time of this photo… four! Four and half if you count Freddy! I had asked my nephew Lee a thousand times if he could help me cut down these plants the size of trees that were damaging our guttering but he clearly had more important things to do… you know computer games… “texting on the toilet” 🤔… tindering…. and his weekly sleek haircut that took six hours of the day 😏 but hey he had time to laugh and come take a photo of me slaving away in my $5 hat 😏 I’m actually very thankful none of they boys helped me because it was the reminder I needed that I am a strong independent woman and I’m very capable of doing handy jobs around the house – I’m petrified of power tools but I’m working my way up to those! I would much prefer to hack these trees with a blunt saw for three hours then dare try to start a chainsaw! I realised that although it may take me twice or three times as long or even a whole day and would take my husband two minutes it’s empowering for me to do things by myself. I felt this empowerment at 39 weeks pregnant when I painted our 6mx9m two storey Bali hut – trying to manoeuvre my huge belly around the poles reaching the ceiling was a challenge yes! But every time I see the Bali hut I feel proud that I got up there, pushed myself to be independent and did that hard work – and it was one less job for harry to do! So, give those hard things a try! Push yourself I guarantee you will be surprised at what you can achieve! Expect mistakes and hard times especially in the beginning but this is how you grow and get better and thankfully typing ‘how to’ in google is amazing, Google has instructions for everything!

Live life and… get those jobs done! do some Gardening, do those handy jobs, learn a new skill. Add it to your live life list! Harry’s going to give me lessons on power tools soon… his just as nervous as I am!

xxx With Love SC