Fly in a seaplane


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One of my fears has become one of my favourite memories 🤗 Harry and I were both so scared about going on a sea plane but we knew our little Freddy would absolutely love it- and we ended up loving it too! Once we had taken off and we saw how happy Freddy was along with an amazing view over Canada the fear just diminished and turned into excitement and we found the whole experience amazing!

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At the end of the flight the pilot asked if Freddy would like to play in the pilot seat whilst he went and got some lunch and left us alone to press buttons and have fun – what a legend! I think everyone on the plane was jealous they didn’t have a toddler as an excuse to stay behind and play Pilot 😘

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Put this one on your live life list! 📌 Was so beautiful 🤗 so fun 🤗 and completely out of our comfort zone which made it exhilarating 🤗 ⠀⠀

Thanks Freddy for pushing mummy and daddy to face there fears to give you amazing experiences in life 💗 he gave me the biggest smooch after the plain ride to say thankyou ~ what a cutie 😍

Live life and…fly in a sea plane

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC