Bake with your little ones

bake with your little ones (3)-2.jpgLove Love Love Baking with Freddy! We Try and bake something every Monday. Yes, baking with little ones can be more time-consuming and messy!… But mess can be cleaned up and the extra time spent watching Freddy get better and better and experiment with different utensils and ingredients (including eating flour – he loves flour?!) is worth every second. Sometimes utensils fly across the room and my patience is definitely tested but a deep breath and remembering that his a little boy, trying and testing everything! If I get a measuring cup thrown across the bench I pick it up and show him what to do with it and 99% of the time it works… his distracted by the new activity and forgets about throwing things!  The other 1%  he throws it again… I take it off him and show him something else to do, his only one so his growing, experimenting and learning. 

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His favourite thing to do of course is taste test the ingredients but he also absolutely loves greasing the muffin tin with nuttelex, I’ve never seen him concentrate so hard on anything! Of course, currently I only have one little one so maybe baking with a couple or a few little ones could be very challenging! I guess I’ll find that out in the future!

Live life and… bake with your little ones! Add it to your live life list!

*remember the messier the better!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC

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P.S – Kitchen sink baths after cooking are the quickest easiest way to clean your little one after their covered head to toe in ingredients and Freddy absolutely loves it!