About me

My name is Stephanie šŸ™‚

I believe that the meaning of life… is to live.

I live on the Gold Coast Queensland with my handsome husband Harry, my little cheeky boy Freddy and my beautiful baby girl Frankie. We also adopted a huge four legged family.. Two wolfies, two cows, four Piggies and a turtle.


  I have one goal in life and that is to fully live it .I want to lead by example for my children so they grow up living the best life they possibly can filling it with fun, love and adventure. I have created a list of all the big things like seeing new countries and all the small things like staying home and making muffins . I believe the small things as well as the big things are wonderful ways to enjoy living this gift of life.

I love to capture the journey along the way knowing my children can look back on all our memories and I love to share them in hopes that I can inspire you to fill your life with all the precious moments both big and small .

Live life and…

xxx With Love SC