Baby Give Back is a professionally-run organisation operating from a fit-for- purpose premises that can efficiently accept, safety check, recycle and rehome donated, new and second-hand baby items. We help families in need feel cared for by their community by providing this pre-loved and new material aid in partnership with social services agencies and networks. Every baby deserves an equal start!
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Baby Give Back relies upon support agencies to assess the need of their clients to ensure our donations are going where they are needed. We do not provide donations directly to those in need. Research indicates that 1 in 6 children aged under 14 years on the Coast live in poverty – that’s more than 14,000 kids! The people we help may be affected by domestic violence, illness, injury, mental health issues, disability, unemployment and even natural disasters. We have migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in our community needing a helping hand to get their new lives started. We also have those struggling with, or affected by life-controlling addictions; many kids living in foster and emergency care; and women and teen girls with unplanned pregnancies who are living in poverty and/or crisis.


We believe that every baby deserves an equal start. Our mission is to give back to the Gold Coast community by collecting and recycling baby essentials for those in need, in partnership with support agencies. We feel privileged to be able to give our children everything they want and need. Our aim is to share the joy by providing items for those families who are not as lucky. Our organisation was inspired by the incredible work and impact of St Kilda Mums in Melbourne. We are grateful for the support and encouragement they have provided and a continue to provide to us.

Every baby deserves an equal start – couldn’t have been said better. Its simply just that, An innocent child with a future ahead – please help ensure that future is safe and loving. 


If you would like yo make a difference in a child’s life today please


or generously donate your second hand baby goods at their drop off location.

All the information can be found on there WEBSITE HERE

xxx With Love SC