Live Life and…

Wake up early to watch the Sunrise

This is easy and fun one you can do by yourself or with the whole family. Get the coffee machine on early and your travel mugs ready, head to the beach and watch the beautiful sun rise and shine.

Watching the sunrise is one of my favourite things to do as it puts me in the present moment and emphasises how special and beautiful each day is.

What a beautiful way to start your day ❤

Live Life and… wake up early and watch the Sunrise.

Add it to your live life list.

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xxx With Love SC


Watch the sunrise (3).JPG

Play on the Swings

I don’t think you’re ever too old to play on the swings! I definitely don’t go high enough to get those hiccup swings anymore, like we use to as kids but I can’t help but smile when I’m swinging… especially when Freddy is giggling on the swing with me. Its such simple activity but it brings us so much Joy.

Play on the swings (2)-2

I love the photo Harry snapped above on my iPhone with the sun beaming and Freddy smiling away. We were looking after the little dog behind me and she would jump and push me every time I’d swing backwards, it was hilarious! Freddy sure thought so anyway!

Live life and… play on the swings!

Add it to your live life list.

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xxx With Love SC

Have a family day at the Beach


When was the last time you had a family day at the beach? Maybe this weekend it’s time to put the chores and the to do list aside, jump in the car and head to where the big blue meets the golden sand. I love the beach… the smell of the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, the beautiful view of the endless blue and the feel of sand between my toes.


A quiet more secluded beach is definitely more up my ally then the crowded beaches. Queensland weather certainly makes those beach days even more desirable but I also love a winters day all rugged up on the beach.  I’m still working on my courage to swim out past the breaking waves… between sharks and rips I’m terrified… but I’m edging my way out more and more! I feel so alive after swimming in the ocean its truly revitalising.

family day at the beach (1)

Beach days are even better now I have my little Freddy and Frankie to go with because I get to see them enjoy it as much as I do, sitting on the beach watching daddy out surfing, all going for a swim, or simply sitting and playing on the sand… beach days are the best.


Live life and… have a family day at the beach! Add it to your live life list.

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xxx With love SC



Go on a road Trip

The book in the feature photo above is from Kikki K and it’s one of my all-time favourites! I love that it inspires you to live more! go on a road trip (2)-2I’ve been doing it over the past year and it’s been so much fun. No 48 was go on a road trip and Harry and I had been talking about flying down to see my grandparents for a few months and when I saw this page in the book we thought why not drive and make it a road trip?! I’d never been down the East Coast and we hadn’t been on an adventure in ages so we packed up the car and our little Freddy and set down the Coast. I love all the little towns you go through on the way and all the little locally owned stores, we came across wood workshops, teacup Shops, vintage book shops, antique shops, amazing little parks and rivers, it all was so interesting and fun! 2017 (970)Music playing, singing along with my lover in our amazing singing voices – ha ha just kidding mine is terrible, but that doesn’t stop me singing along to Christine Aguilera! When the little ones are older Harry and I plan to do a road trip around Australia I seriously cannot wait!

Live life and… Go on a road trip! Pack up the car, put together a playlist and set off on an adventure whether it be for the day, weekend, week, month, year! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC



Soak in a Bubble Bath

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! Little cutie tootie Freddy loves bubble baths as much as I do! Sometimes I struggle to find time to soak in a beautiful bubble bath but when I do I always say the same thing…  “why don’thave a bubble bath-2 I do this more often?  this is soooo relaxing!”  whether you’re having a bath with your little one, Lover or just having some ‘me time’, finding time to relax is so important. One of my favourite quotes is ‘’you can’t serve from an empty vessel” It is so important to prioritise self-care so we can be the best we can be to our loved ones.  I try to make time for a nice relaxing bubble bath once a week – there is something appealing about baths on Sundays for me… not sure why? but it feels right! That’s my ‘Me time’ but I do let Freddy join me on occasion. I’d let Harry join me too but his so big the three of us don’t fit in the tub! When we build our new house, a bigger bath will be on the list!

Live life and …Soak in a warm bubble bath! Add it to your live life list!

Capture a beautiful bubble bath moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Play on a SeeSaw

When was the last time you played at a kid’s playground?  Let go of being an adult for a little while and were a kid again? Back when you had not a worry in the world? I think it’s time we found that inner child and make time to play again and what better way than a good old-fashioned seesaw! Who knew you could have so much fun on a plank of wood haha!  You never see seesaws around anymore – well I don’t see many! We were so excited when we found this old school looking one! I had as much fun as Freddy did and Harry was laughing on the other end after he nearly fell off taking this photo ha ha!

Live Life and… play on a seesaw! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC


Ride on a Ferry

2017 (738)-2I think the ferries are such a wonderful thing about Sydney, I love being over the water I find it so calming.  This was Freddy’s first ferry ride and we were on our way to look at the Sydney opera house and then travel by ferry again over to Manly beach.  Sydney was beautiful and the Ferry rides were such a beautiful way to travel to different places – especially avoiding the Sydney traffic!

Live life and… take a ferry ride! Add it to your live life list!

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xxx With Love SC


Go Boating

2010-2015 (69)-2.jpgMy husband comes with boats…There is no discussing, debating, bartering, it’s in his fine print… Harry the husband equals a yard full of boats. I have a closet full of clothes so I guess we all have our thing and I have learnt to love that about him even if we have to pay a fortune in registering numerous boats every year.

2010-2015 (66)-2.jpg
We have taken our little Freddy out a couple of times now and of course he takes after his daddy, he too has found a love for being on the water and I have found a love watching their eyes sparkle. I have my limits I now know never to ride on the tube behind the boat when Harry is driving, of course I learnt that the hard way…  You can see me in the feature photo above teaching Freddy that when daddy drives too fast and we are in the ocean this is the whistle you blow!

go boating (6)-2

Live life and… go boating it’s a whole lot of fun! Simply just being on the boat gliding over the water or the thrill-seeking tubing, wake boarding, water skiing there’s so many boating activities!  You don’t have to own a boat, people run these experiences as businesses these days. Maybe a friend has a boat!  Add it to your live life list!


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xxx With Love SC

Eat Homemade Pancakes for Breakfast

Friday is Pancake day and Freddy and I get in the kitchen and start flipping away! Plain jane, cinnamon, blueberry, chocolate, raspberry, banana you name it we’ve made it! We love pancakes!!eat pancakes for breakfast (2)-2

Live life and… eat pancakes-  Because life is too short not to eat a delicious breakfast! Add it to your live life list!

Capture a pancake photo and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Switch to recycled Toilet Paper

I recently found out how much toddlers loove toilet paper… Our bathroom is now child locked! I’ve made the switch for our family and we now make a small difference to taking care of our planet by purchasing recycled paper – after all we don’t need anything fancy we all know what it’s used for! 

Live life and…switch to recycled toilet paper! Help the planet and make the switch today. Add it to your live life list!

Spread the word by sharing a photo (get creative!) and sharing with #livelifeand 

xxx With Love SC


Bake with your little ones

bake with your little ones (3)-2.jpgLove Love Love Baking with Freddy! We Try and bake something every Monday. Yes, baking with little ones can be more time-consuming and messy!… But mess can be cleaned up and the extra time spent watching Freddy get better and better and experiment with different utensils and ingredients (including eating flour – he loves flour?!) is worth every second. Sometimes utensils fly across the room and my patience is definitely tested but a deep breath and remembering that his a little boy, trying and testing everything! If I get a measuring cup thrown across the bench I pick it up and show him what to do with it and 99% of the time it works… his distracted by the new activity and forgets about throwing things!  The other 1%  he throws it again… I take it off him and show him something else to do, his only one so his growing, experimenting and learning. 

live life list edited (80)-2.jpg

His favourite thing to do of course is taste test the ingredients but he also absolutely loves greasing the muffin tin with nuttelex, I’ve never seen him concentrate so hard on anything! Of course, currently I only have one little one so maybe baking with a couple or a few little ones could be very challenging! I guess I’ll find that out in the future!

Live life and… bake with your little ones! Add it to your live life list!

*remember the messier the better!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC

 live life list edited (5)-2.jpg


P.S – Kitchen sink baths after cooking are the quickest easiest way to clean your little one after their covered head to toe in ingredients and Freddy absolutely loves it!


Be silly with your Lover

be silly with your lover post (4)-2.jpg

Harry is definitely the silly one in our relationship… I’ve always been very serious… even as a child I could stare you down. I think it’s so wonderful when you find someone who brings out the best in you, and Harry brings out the silly and fun in me and I love him for that. It’s easy to get caught up in serious adult mode and forget what it’s like to be silly and fun. Harry definitely never lost his silliness and never quite grew into his adult mode so we balance really well.  I help him be adult and he helps me be silly. In the image above he decided he was tired of adulting that day and it was time to throw us in the river… he knew I would have divorced him if he actually threw his wife and child in the river so thankfully we only came close to being thrown to the ducks! 

be silly with your lover (2)-2.jpg

It’s so good for you to let go and be silly, laugh, play and have fun and I want my children to grow up knowing this so I try my best to be silly and play with Freddy all the time, Harry’s definitely his favourite I can never quite be as silly as daddy but it’s okay because mummy is number one at snuggles.

have lunch in the park-2.jpg

Live life and… be silly with your lover, your friend, your children, your family whomever! Have fun, play and laugh. Add it to your live life list!

Capture one of those moments and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


be silly with your lover post (3)-2.jpg


Fly on an aeroplane for the first time

Here I was worried he wasn’t going to handle his first aeroplane ride and from the moment we stepped into the airport he was a little ball of excitement! Our first flight was to see family in Tasmania which is a three-hour flight from Brisbane and he was amazing! I was breast-feeding at the time so about an hour into the flight I nursed him and he slept for a good hour – I couldn’t believe our luck!

2017 (669)-2.jpg

We have been on four flights so far with him and his been fantastic on all of them but they have all been under four hours, I can’t wait to travel and see the world with him so if anyone has any flight advice for those long flights  with children please share!

first flight (3)-2.jpg

Live life and… take your first aeroplane ride, if this is something you have had the opportunity to experience already,  take someone who hasn’t been able to experience it yet ! We took our little Freddy 🙂 Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Go Christmas light hunting

I love looking at the lit-up streets at Christmas. I think it’s such a beautiful time of year. I know a lot of people get flustered and anxious around this time, but I try to remember the true meaning of this time and to me it’s about giving, loving and sharing precious time with those you love. Giving gifts is not what I mean about giving, giving is about giving love, giving your time and giving your attention. I love to give gifts as well but I will only buy a gift if I feel a person will love and cherish the item, not just for the reason “I need to buy this person a gift for Christmas”. If I can’t find a gift that I believe they will truly love but I’d still like to give them something then I bake! Everyone’s loves baked goods, right? I think that’s giving them a bit of your time as well and I believe that’s something they will cherish. as well as a full tummy 🙂 For me Christmas is like a pause button, pausing the busy life and remembering what’s most important and that’s spending quality time with the most important in life and that is my relationships, relationships with my family, friends and with strangers as well. Looking at the lights every year is a reminder to me just how much time and effort people put in to lighten the lives of those in their community, bringing strangers joy from there lit up glowing houses and that’s just beautiful.

Live Life and… go Christmas light hunting. See how much effort people in your community have put in to brighten up your night. Feel Joy and be thankful this Christmas and try not to get caught up in the rush, remember Christmas is about love, giving and quality time.

Add it to your live life list<3

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC


Make Muffins


make muffins-2.jpgWe love Muffins! Banana muffins especially! They’re quick easy and taste delicious! Even Teddy likes them… 😘 Sometimes I think we can get lost in the big live life list items or bucket list items whatever you want to call it – like big travel adventures or big life  moments that will one day happen in the future but are not reachable at the present time. So please remember it’s important to do those little live life experiences and adventures too because it’s all value to your life.  Yes it’s still important to achieve those big dreams when the timing is right for you  but chase the little ones too!  Making muffins is one of our ongoing little live life list items because we love to cook them and we love to eat them!

2017 (309)-2

Live life and… cook some muffins to enjoy! Make the experience even better and share the muffins with someone you cherish.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

 Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Go Parasailing

Go parasailing (3)-2.jpgTHIS WAS AN AMAZING EXPIERENCE! It was also an amazing day because Harry proposed to me on this day! He surprised me and took me to Moreton Island for my birthday, he wanted to do something really special as previous months had been quite tough trying to conceive and we had just been told we would need IVF to ever be able to have children. We were both feeling quite numb.

Go parasailing (1)-2.jpg

After Harry proposed he later told me he had been holding onto the ring for a while now and was waiting for the right time to ask me and with everything that had been happening he thought this was a perfect time for both of us. It was a chance to relight the spark within us that had somewhat dimmed over the previous months ( we later found that the doctors should never say never because a little tiny Freddy was actually in my tummy at this stage!  News we were about to  joyfully receive in the near future!) Harry had originally planned to propose whilst we were up in the air parasailing! He then changed his mind as he had read horror stories about the groom to be feeling nervous and accidentally dropping the ring into the ocean! So, he played it safe and Proposed on top of a Sand dune whilst we were gazing out at the beautiful ocean.

2010-2015 (94)-2.jpg

He then took me parasailing and it was such an amazing experience !  The hosts were fantastic as were the other members of the group that were on the boat – it was a lovely Greek family who were giggling and laughing, encouraging and teasing one another and made the experience hilarious!

Moreton Island was absolutely beautiful especially travelling around to the secluded beaches where it was peaceful, quiet and the sand was golden.

Live Life and… try Parasailing! Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

2010-2015 (107)-2.jpg

Take your little one out on a coffee date

take your little one out for coffee (2)-2.jpgI am a coffee lover… The process of making the coffee , the delicious smell, watching the steam rising off the top and ofcourse sipping away on the delicious taste.. Oh coffee you are one of my loves in life!  Freddy and I go out for a coffee and bubbachino date once a week and its one of my favourite things to do with him, Cost under $8 and a little treat we both look forward too. 2017 (655)-2.jpg

I’ve been taking him out on coffee dates since he was a newborn and majority of the time his a little well behaved champ, sits down with me and sips away on his bubbachino.. other times his ready to get down and explore like all toddlers love to do but if you suss out the good café spots with little play areas you get more relaxing time and more fun for the little ones! Our favourite spot at the moment Crafted Coffee Co at the kitchens Robina town centre we meet with some girlfriends and other little ones and the littlies play in the little rainforest room outside the coffee shop-  its super cute!

2018 (970).JPG

Live Life and…  take your little out for a coffee and Bubbachino date. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Try Scandinavian food

Numerous of our little family’s live life list items are trying different cuisines and last year on the Sunshine coast we checked off one when we found this little Scandinavian café.  We had breakfast…twice..was so yummy we came back to the same restaurant the next day! They’re so many different cuisines I’m excited to try,  I love tasting different food and I’m always on the hunt for great cafes and restaurants!

Live Life and… try some Scandinavian food! Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC


Record your little ones growing bigger


How many times have you heard someone say “they grow up so fast?” Ha ha seriously like a thousand! But everyone is right they really do grow so quick! I originally saw one of these height chart boards in my neighbour’s home and thought it was such a good idea that if you move house it comes with you… instead of leaving those precious height marks on the wall behind. My brother bought this for Freddy for his first birthday, he knows I like minimal toys etc and wanted to get something that Freddy and I could treasure forever. This was perfect and I am so excited for our little baby on the way to do this alongside Freddy as they grow up together. When my brother purchased it for his first birthday we decided to start a family tradition that the morning of Freddy’s Birthday he can come out to see how much his grown from his birthday before and get his height marked on the board.

record your little one growing-2.jpg

My brother found this board on eBay and we got to personalise what it said at the bottom, you could put your child’s name, family name or a nice quote like we did! if you look closely in the photo above I decided on a cute little phrase ‘no tippy toes’.

Live life and…Capture the little moments that make our life full by recording your little ones growing bigger. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC



Sit amongst the leaves

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am a lover of leaves… the first ever gift my husband harry ever got me was a leaf. I must have been raving about how beautiful they were, so one day on his way back from paddling on his surf ski he bought me back a leaf, we weren’t together at the time just roommates and really good friends but I think I may have fallen completely in love with him at that moment. There’s just something so special about them , I love that they are just as beautiful when they have fallen and died as when they are in blossom on a tree,  I love that there are so many different shapes sizes and colours from beautiful greens to golden and deep maroons, I love the gentle sound they make in the wind, I love the way they fall softly and land on the ground through autumn , and I love how one leaf can be just as beautiful as thousands of leaves on a tree. So, sitting amongst leaves is defiantly one of the most romantic pleasures I have with nature gazing up at their beauty. I only have one leaf, the one Harry bought back for me that day eight years ago. I don’t feel I need to collect or savour anymore I have one very special leaf…I simply love to see them and appreciate them where they are in nature.

So, it’s clear I’m a weirdo! I have a romance with leaves… leaves are just my thing ha ha what is your thing? Are you a lover of leaves?

Live life and… sit amongst the leaves… feel and gaze upon their beauty. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


Share your knowledge

gaze out t the ocean

Harry grew up by the ocean so whenever we visit the beach he tells me all about the currents, the tides, where the rips in the water are and what type of breeze is blowing. I grew up in the forest so when it comes to the ocean I know that the ocean is blue and the sand is yellow and that’s about it!So I love it when harry shares his knowledge with me. I teach him things about growing up in a cold climate in the forest – before we met he couldn’t light a fire to save himself! I could read about tides and winds etc on google but its really special sitting on the beach with Harry teaching me. In the feature photo above Harry was showing Freddy where the rips were at Cabarita beach and I snapped this photo, I love how intrigued Freddy looks even though his only about 6 months old and is most likely thinking about milk! He looks so focused like his absorbing the information… who knows maybe he was!

What can you teach someone you love? a family recipe? something about nature or history? Live life and… share your knowledge. Add it to your live life list

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC

Show someone you appreciate them

Freddy had decided on this morning that his wake-up time was at 1.30am… so we started our day so early it will still night-time. I got up and let Harry sleep in and of course as soon as Harry got out of bed Freddy drifted straight off to sleep! I was sitting on the couch exhausted when Harry made me a coffee in the photo above and out of the froth made a little trophy picture and the number one… he handed it to me and said “thankyou… you’re the number one mum! and I love you.” It was so sweet and my mood went from exhausted and grumpy to extremely grateful for having a beautiful baby boy and a husband whom I adore. It was small little gesture Harry did but it meant so much to me and I felt loved and cherished. I think it’s really important to do little things for your loved ones to show them you love them… actions can speak louder than words sometimes and whether its breakfast in bed, a hot bath run for you, a candle lit next to your dinner, or froth made into a picture in a coffee these little things can go a long way. They don’t have to cost anything it’s just a little extra something to spark your loved one to feel cherished. Harry once tried to make a snow man in my coffee at the start of Winter and when he passed it to me it had formed into the shape of penis… It was hilarious and now he often makes me coffees with a little picture of a penis … a little joke that’s carried on and makes us both smile. What’s a little act of kindness you do for your loved ones?

Live life and… show someone you appreciate them. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC






Teach your little ones to swim

We love to take Freddy swimming, so much that we do it every week all year round, in summer we take him in the pool all the time but when the weather gets a bit chilly outside in the cooler months we go to a little swim school with the other bubbas. We look forward to it every week and the swimming instructors at the swim school we go to are amazing with the bubbas and kids.

take your little one swimmimg-2.jpg

Freddy learns so much from the other bubbas in his class especially when there’s a few toddlers a little bit older than him. His like a little sponge – he soaks up what he sees and picks the activity up so much faster if he sees another bubba do it first. We started taking him when he was about 3 months old and he absolutely loves it his such a water baby! take your little one swimming (2)We love watching him learn , progress and try new things every week it’s definitely worth every cent we spend taking him. I can’t recommend swimming for bubbas high enough its truly the best! We have another little bubba on the way and Harry and I will both be getting in the water every week and won’t have to fight over who gets to go swimming this week!

Live life and.. take your little one/s swimming! Add it to your live life list ❤

Capture and Share a photo of your little bubba splashing around with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Dance on the Beach

Don’t take life too seriously.. have fun and dance on the beach.

Smile, laugh, let go… be as free as the ocean.


xxx With Love SC


Lick the bowl

Eating the left-over mix … doesn’t this bring back fond memories of a child? Waiting anxiously to lick the bowl and spoon?! In my opinion you live the once… so lick the bowl! I’m 100% sure Freddy agrees! Freddy and I try to bake every week and we love to finish off our baking by sharing the bowl together 🙂 IMG_E6204.JPG

Live life and… lick the bowl!  You only live once 😉 Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


Gaze out at the Ocean

‘Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. The ocean conceals billions of creatures interacting in ways that we will never fully understand. Much of the ocean is mysterious. We cruise along on boats on the ocean’s surface, and sit on beaches watching the ocean’s surf meet the land. One of the great things about the ocean is that we cannot build on it. It will remain a vast open space perfect for contemplation.’


The ocean is truly amazing. Truly mysterious and truly beautiful. Live life and.. gaze out at the beauty of the ocean.

Add it to your live life list<3

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


Catch a snowflake on your tongue

Still cant believe it snowed in Summer for us whilst we were in Canada! We all got to experience how much fun the white powder is and was so funny trying to catch snowflakes on our tongue 😛

Live life and… Catch a snowflake on your tongue.

Add it to your live life list.

Capture the moment and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Master homemade pumpkin soup

Hot Pumpkin Soup with fresh sourdough bread – yes please! I think everyone should have a good Soup recipe up their sleeve ready to pull out on a cold winters day!  The Pumpkin soup recipe I use is super simple but I thinks that’s why it’s so delicious! Freddy sure thinks so anyway!

This is how I make my soup – let me know what you think 🙂


·       dash of olive oil for frying

·       2 large delicious looking Butternut pumpkins

·       2 large onions

·       4 cloves of garlic (I always put so much garlic in my food because my dad always told me it was good for me because it gives you hairy feet… I’m yet to get hairs on my feet but I’ll keep trying ;-P)

·       3 vegetable Stock cubes

·       water


1.     Dice up the pumpkin, garlic and onion

2.     Heat up your olive oil in a big pot and fry up the onion until it goes translucent.  (I use a chasseur pot – I know they are expensive but they are so worth the money!)

3.     Add in your garlic and pumpkin and fry away for a few minutes and then add your stock cubes, I fry mine for about another ten minutes. (this makes the soup have lots of delicious flavour.)

4.     Add in a cup of water at a time until it just covers your pumpkin.

5.     keep the soup on high until it starts to boil and then reduce heat and let simmer until the pumpkin is completely cooked – should be nice and soft.

6.     Using a soup strainer spoon pick up the pumpkin and put into a blender (make sure your blender can have hot liquid put in it, mine is a good one with super thick glass. If isn’t heat-resistant wait to the soup cools down.) Blend away and if it’s too thick and struggling to blend add some of the pumpkin juice a small amount at a time – I like my soup super thick but you can just add as much of the pumpkin juice until you have your desired consistency.  You might have to transfer pumpkin into blender a few times depending on the size of your blender.

7.     Once blended serve away and add salt and pepper as you desire, some fresh sourdough bread on side is always delicious to have with it as well!

eat homemade pumpkin soup (1)-2.jpg



Live life and…master homemade pumpkin soup! Add it to your live life list ❤

Capture a moment of you enjoying your delicious soup and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC



read a dr. Seuss book

Love Love Love Dr Seuss! His books are fantastic! Dr Seuss’s Fox in Socks was the first book I ever read to my little Freddy and he’d giggle away because I would get the words all mixed up and laugh – it’s such a tongue twister! Especially when you try to read it really fast it’s actually really fun and hilarious! Harry and I compete against each other reading as fast as we can to see who can make it the furthest through the book without making a mistake- I Always Win ha ha but I still am yet to get through the whole book!

Live life and… read a Dr Seuss book! See how far you can get through the book reading really fast without making a mistake! Don’t forget you have to read aloud!

Add it to your live life list

xxx With Love SC

Sculpt something with clay

Sculpt with clay (3)-2.jpg

Wednesday is creative day for Freddy and I , we always try to do something on the creative side and we thought we would test out our clay sculpting skills.. well I did… Freddy was more interested in taste testing the clay 😛  Sculpting with a toddler is challenging but very fun! I had sculpted my project many times only to take my eye of it for a second and to then see its smooshed in Freddy’s hands or in his mouth 😛 But we got there eventually!

We had lost our precious pig Bruce the week before so we sculpted a little memorial of him to put on our fence ❤ We Miss him here on our little farm.

Sculpt with clay (1)Live life and… sculpt something with clay! have fun testing out those clay sculpting skills! Add it to your live life list ❤

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

swim in the creek

play in the creek (2)Creeks are beautiful! Listening to the water trickling down stream through the rocks surrounded by luscious greenery – how fortunate we are to be able to witness such natural beauty. We are so lucky to live up the road from a beautiful creek in Tallebudgera Valley that we love to take Freddy down to so he can dip is little toes in the water and splash around. We have been exploring more and more creeks lately, each one beautiful and unique, we love to sit by the creek bed and listen to the sounds of the trickling water, birds singing away and watch the water flowing. We also love to explore , stepping from rock to rock, weaving our way down or up-stream in bare feet feeling the little pebbles under our feet, or going for a swim in the crystal water – which can be challenging at times as some of that fresh water is icy cold!

When was the last time you swam or visited a Creek? Time to put it on your live life list!

Live  Life and… swim in the creek! Add it to your live life list ❤

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Make the Switch to cruelty free nail polish

If you had the option to save an animal from suffering simply by switching nail polishes…why wouldn’t you? Let’s have a future of no animal testing and you can help by supporting products that do not test on animals. Kester Black nail polish is cruelty free, vegan, water permeable, made in Australia and they also donate 2% of their revenue to a nominated charity . Make the switch and choose to be the change you wish to see in the world, a world without animal testing.

Live life and.. make the switch to a cruelty free nail polish. Add it to your live life list ❤

Capture the moment you made the switch and share with hashtag #livelifeand

To view their beautiful collection visit Kester Black 

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Take a poloroid picture

Take a polaroid picture

Shake it, sh-shake it

Shake it, sh-shake it

Shake it, sh-shake it

Shake it, sh-shake it

Shake it, sh-shake it

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!



Ha ha that’s all I have to say 😉

Add it to your live life list ❤

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take a fun Pregnancy announcement photo

Freddy (141)I love seeing pregnancy announcement photos!  Even before I was thinking about having children I loved to see how excited other people where about bringing new life into the world. Such a happy joyous time and such an exciting moment to capture and document! Harry and I have never been 100 % serious so we added a little humour when we announced we were expecting our little Freddy!

Live life and.. capture the special moment announcing your expecting! Add it to your live life list ❤

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xxx With Love SC



Go on vacation

go on vacation (4)-2.jpg

Who doesn’t love going on vacation?! whether it’s for night, a weekend away or your lucky enough to take big trip somewhere – vacations are the best! Seeing new sights, experiencing new things, taking time to relax and be fully present. Vacations are also an opportunity to press pause on your busy life and come back to your values to identify what is important to you in your life and refocus on making that a priority.

I find that sometimes I need to get away, away from distractions like all the housework or the endless to do list items and a holiday provides that opportunity for me. An opportunity to be still and refocus on what’s important, and for me that is living a quality life alongside the ones I love and filtering out anything that distracts me from that.

Go on vacation (2)-2.jpg

So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck, away from your values and don’t feel like your living your path then maybe it’s time to take some time out to refocus.

Live life and… take a vacation. Add MANY to your live life list ❤

Capture and share your vacation moments with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


go on vacation

write a letter to someone special

I love receiving a letter in the post, That excited feeling when you open the letter box and there’s an envelope with your name handwritten on the front awaiting there to open pages of handwritten content with personal warmth behind it. Its something I cherish and I know it’s hard sometimes to find that spare time to write a letter with everything on that schedule of yours but when you make time to sit down and get lost with pen and paper hand writing away it’s like a form of meditation, its relaxing, still and peaceful. The whole experience of both sending and receiving letters is something that today we no longer experience often but I truly find joy in sending a receiving a letter so I’m trying my hardest this year to put in the extra effort and write to my friends instead of jumping on my iPhone to email, message or text away.

My beautiful friend Melissa inspired me to write letters again so she has become my pen pal this year and my letters journey from Queensland across the Bass Strait to Tasmania and then another one journeys back to my letter box.  I’d love to write to all my friends and in time I’d like to accomplish this but for now I’ve started with the achievable goal of making time to write to my one beautiful friend and the letter in the photo above is to my beautiful Melissa.

Who could you write a letter to? Make the time and send it someone special.

Live life and… write a letter to someone special. Add it to your live life list ❤

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xxx With Love SC


Eat pizza on the pier

This Friday night called for greasy pizza fingers, family and a nice view 😊

Live life and… eat pizza on the Pier.

Capture and share with #livelifeand

Lots of love SC

Ride on a Merry-go-round

Ticked another off our Live Life list yesterday 🤗 ride on a merry-go-round ✔️ They denied me the fun of sitting on donkey… apparently I was too big and pregnant and it’s made for children…. 😂 next time I’ll sneak on and I shall be uploading a photo of me on a merry-go-round really soon 😏😏 😘

Live life and.. Ride on a merry-go-round.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

Capture the moment and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Visit Sydney

Live life and… Visit Sydney Australia ❤️

Sydney Opera house is beautiful 🤗

Snap some photos of your Sydney adventures and share with #livelifeand

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Treat yourself to a Spa day

Live life and…treat yourself to a spa day 😌

When was the last time you went to a relaxing day spa? Have you ever been? Relaxing , rejuvenating, peaceful, total bliss – yes all of these 🤗

Time to put all the errands and that endless to do list to the side and take a day for you 💕 Put a day at the spa on your live life list ☺️

Capture the moment and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Sit by the water

Whether the river or the beach. Let the surface still your thoughts , clear your mind and bring you peace. 😌🙏

Love this little book full of inspiring things to do offline 💙

Live life and… Sit by the water 💙

Capture a moment and share with #livelifeand

Add it to your live life list ❤️

Xxx xxx With Love SC 

See a ship wreck

This visited this ship Wreck when we camped on Fraser Island and was definitely one of the highlights of the trip – honestly wasn’t hard to make it to one of the highlights as on the trip our tent collapsed, air mattress popped, the Tent with all our clothes and bedding flooded, car broke down ( big time literally got towed off the island going like 5km an hour 😅 was a looooong drive with a toddler 😅 ), and the brand new gazebo legs mysteriously just all broke in the middle of the night and collapsed on all our setup and all the food… drop bear maybe fell on it ? 😘 ha ha but seriously seeing a ship wreck was a highlight I loved it 🤗 I desperately wanted to snorkel around but my Husband scared me saying it’s where the sharks hangout 😬😬 and with the current stream of bad luck we were having didn’t want to risk a shark bite 😘😘

If I learnt something that trip it was that they were all invaluable experiences and memories to look back and laugh on 😘 and to try and find the fun in the Chaos 😅

Live life and… see a ship Wreck.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

Capture the moment and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Shop Local

Visit the farmers market and buy your produce for the week. Support your community and enjoy the taste of fresh food 🤗

Live life and… Shop local.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

Capture a moment strolling through your local markets and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Get those Jobs done

Four bloody boys I was living with at the time of this photo… four! Four and half if you count Freddy! I had asked my nephew Lee a thousand times if he could help me cut down these plants the size of trees that were damaging our guttering but he clearly had more important things to do… you know computer games… “texting on the toilet” 🤔… tindering…. and his weekly sleek haircut that took six hours of the day 😏 but hey he had time to laugh and come take a photo of me slaving away in my $5 hat 😏 I’m actually very thankful none of they boys helped me because it was the reminder I needed that I am a strong independent woman and I’m very capable of doing handy jobs around the house – I’m petrified of power tools but I’m working my way up to those! I would much prefer to hack these trees with a blunt saw for three hours then dare try to start a chainsaw! I realised that although it may take me twice or three times as long or even a whole day and would take my husband two minutes it’s empowering for me to do things by myself. I felt this empowerment at 39 weeks pregnant when I painted our 6mx9m two storey Bali hut – trying to manoeuvre my huge belly around the poles reaching the ceiling was a challenge yes! But every time I see the Bali hut I feel proud that I got up there, pushed myself to be independent and did that hard work – and it was one less job for harry to do! So, give those hard things a try! Push yourself I guarantee you will be surprised at what you can achieve! Expect mistakes and hard times especially in the beginning but this is how you grow and get better and thankfully typing ‘how to’ in google is amazing, Google has instructions for everything!

Live life and… get those jobs done! do some Gardening, do those handy jobs, learn a new skill. Add it to your live life list! Harry’s going to give me lessons on power tools soon… his just as nervous as I am!

xxx With Love SC

Go on an adventure

Live life and… Go on an adventure! Whether it be by foot, car, boat or plane this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for to push you to go! Explore, experience , have fun , live life ❤️❤️ leap 🤗

Today we booked our first international holiday 🤗 we are taking our little man to Canada! 🇨🇦 Not your typical Baby moon vacation 😂 – I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant but life’s to short not to leap so we are going on our last little adventure as a family of 3 before our baby #2 arrives ❤️ cant wait to take our little beastie on an aeroplane again he loved the last flight – this one a little different triple the flight time 😬 ! Brisbane 🇦🇺 ——>Vancouver 🇨🇦 Words cannot describe my excitement 😄😄 expect to see lots of Canada pics 😁😘

Live life and… Go on an adventure ✨

Capture many many moments and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Paint Something

Preferably not the dog… 🤦‍♀️😂😅 ha ha Our dogs are so patient bless them!

I love to paint 🤗 It’s never a masterpiece I’m definitely not the next Picasso 😂 but I enjoy painting 💛 painting anything is fun! I paint recycled objects and turn old into new again 🤗 it’s fun because it’s challenging and it’s great for the environment to recycle old things 🤗 below you can see the latest swing I painted for Freddy that my neighbours were throwing away.

Paint something

The feature photo above is from Freddy’s First birthday 💙 We have made it a tradition that every year he paints on a canvas and they go up in a line in the hallway 🤗❤️ I hope to keep it going for as long as he wants to paint hopefully I’ll still have him painting when his 21 😘 ( going to need a long hallway! ) ❤️

Paint with your kids, with your friends or paint solo ❤️ Get creative 🤗 You won’t know if you enjoy it unless you try 🤗

Live life and…Paint something 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨🎨🤗

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC




Plant a herb garden

Because who doesn’t love fresh parsley on pumpkin soup? 🤗 Growing my own herbs has been a goal of mine for years and I finally made the time to do it 🤗 I love walking past and smelling fresh basil – is that just a weird pregnancy thing I’ve got going on or do you like to do that too? 😂😅

Live life and…Grow your own herbs 🤗🌿

Add it to you live life list 💚

Snap a photo of your tasty herbs and share with #livelifeand

Xxx With Love SC

Have a campfire on the beach

Secluded beach all to ourselves , fire crackling, baby sound asleep, stars glistening in the sky, mood set…. you can guess what happened next… we toasted marshmallows of course 🤗😘🤫

If you’ve never had a campfire on the beach put it on your live life list ❤️

Share your camp fire fun with #livelifeand

With Love xxx SC

Feel the ocean between your toes

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives, to get lost in the past or future, always thinking ahead at the next thing you will be doing and we forget to live in the moment. We forget to smell the fresh air, see how beautiful our surroundings are, actually taste our food, feel the soft sheets as we close our eyes for bed. I find being near the ocean is a really easy way to become present and really live in the moment, there’s something so calming about the big blue. Head to the beach , walk to where the ocean meets the golden sand and feel the ocean between your toes, close your eyes and be present, smell the air, feel the breeze, listen to the waves, just be present in that moment. 😌 ⠀⠀

Live life and… feel the ocean between your toes 💛


xxx With Love SC

Make time for a much needed cup of tea

We both woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…Both feeling very under the weather so we are spending today relaxing with warm tea, face masks and switching between Happy feet and 50 shades freed in nap times 😘

If your feeling run down, overworked, spread a little thin then take a step back and make time to fill up your cup… literally with hot tea 😘😘

You cant serve others if your cup is empty ❤

Take five deep breaths

Clear your mind.

Check in with your body, how your feeling and continue on with your day. 💗


“The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.” ~ Prasad Mahes

Read a good book

Smell the pages ✨ feel the weight of the book in your hands, get lost in the words and let time pass by without noticing 💕 If Freddy and Frankie fall asleep in the car I love to always have a book in the glove box, I find a nice spot to park the car and get lost in the pages ✨ babies snoozing , feet up and a good view ~ Bliss ✨😌

Live life and…read a good book 💗

xxx With Love SC

Relish your next meal

One thing Freddy has taught me is how to relish the taste of food 😂 This boy loves his tucker and I find it so funny watching him enjoy it 😅


Relish your next meal.. chew each mouthful and notice the taste, smell and texture. Enjoy your food 🧡


Hand make your loved ones a birthday cake

A life goal I’ve set for myself is to hand make my son Freddy’s birthday cake every year ( well attempt too…I’m not a cake making wizard I just google and YouTube cake making wizards and try to attempt there awesomeness 😘) It’s been so fun the last two years! And I can’t wait to continue making them for the many years to come for Freddy and of course our little baby on the way 🤗 Yesterday our little Freddy turned 2 ! I made him a cake with the theme “Freddy’s favourite things” ~ Pancakes , Marshmallows, Bubbachinos, Sprinkles and Cheekiness 😜 Freddy of course helped taste test along the way and stole a few marshmallows off the top 😘2018 (1023).JPG

Live life and… hand make your kids or your loved ones a birthday cake

Snap some pics of your masterpiece 🤗 and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

2018 (1024).JPG

Ride a sea to sky Gondola

Second day in Canada and I’m still just in awe that every which way I turn there is just so much natural beauty! We rode the Gondola up to Squamish today, we picked such a good day it was so quiet we had the place to ourselves! The views going up the mountain in the sea to sky Gondola where just beautiful ! We got to the top went for a small hike and found snow!! It was only a little bit but it was enough to play, eat and throw at each other 😘 This is definitely one to put on your live life list 🤗

Live life and… ride on a sea to sky Gondola

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Go Whale watching


iphone (527)So exciting we saw two hump back whales! Beautiful big tails flipping in the air when they were diving 🐋 This was a 5 hour tour and I was unsure if Freddy would handle being on a boat that long only being 2 years old but he absolutely loved it ! The first 3 hours we looked out every window , walked around the boat, looked at the “watah” ( as Freddy Calls it 😘) and spotted lots of Bald eagles and seals until we finally saw some whales!

iphone (252)


Then Freddy laid on the seat and fell asleep for the last two hours 😂🤗 We were so excited we entered American waters from Canada – I can say I’ve been in America 😘 we didn’t see any Killer whales which is something I would love to see 😍 So we would love to go again on a future adventure 🤗

iphone (10)

Live life and… go whale watching! It was an amazing


Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

iphone (330)


Enjoy the beautiful views

Me attempting to have a relaxing cup of tea and soak in the beautiful forest view… Freddy bouncing off the walls 😂 No matter the circumstance try and soak up your beautiful surroundings 😘 The world is beautiful 🌍 ❤️🤗

Slurp up that Spaghetti

Freddy always reminds me of how fun the simplest things are like slurping up a bowl of spaghetti 🍝😙 Watching him enjoy his spaghetti so much I wish I had of ordered some! Next time 😘 I also totally regretted dressing him in white today 😂😅

Live life and enjoy the little moments… live life and.. slurp up that spaghetti 😙🍝

Share those spaghetti pics with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Visit Spirit Island on maligne lake

By far the most beautiful place we have ever seen 💗 This was such a magical day cruising on the Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. We arrived at Spirit island after cruising along the crystal clear Aqua blue glacier waters in Maligne lake, we explored the little island, surrounded by beautiful mountains in the distance with snow covered peaks and got to see and learn about the history of the majestic Spirit Island. I cannot explain in words… all I can say is you need to experience this in your lifetime to see and feel the energy that surrounds this legendary island to understand its breathtaking beauty. ✨

Add it to your live life list 💛

xxx With Love SC

Stay in a log cabin

Spent the last three days in a cosy log cabin tucked away in the woods in Canada. Soaking in a beautiful old fashioned tub with my little boy and my big pregnant belly ❤ The second day we woke up to it snowing outside ❄️! Was so cosy and incredibly peaceful ~ even with a little toddler Freddy!
This one is a must – add it to your live life list ❤

Live life and… stay in a log cabin.


xxx With Love SC





Play in the Snow

Guess who got a snow ball to the face straight after this photo 😅 Live life and… Play in the snow! Taste it, throw it, make snow angels, simply gaze at how beautiful everything looks covered in snow ❄️

Add it to your live life list ❄️

xxx With Love Sc


Visit an Icefield Glacier

Little Freddy crying after he copied his daddy and tried to lick the ice 😂 cold on his little tongue! The Icefields were incredible! – and freezing! Don’t judge my footwear 😂 This was an unplanned visit and it’s all I had with me 😅 but I didn’t want to miss out on such an amazing experience so I braved the ice on my toes! Thankfully I had a couple of beanies in the glove box so our ears were toasty and warm! We travelled up to the Glacier on an ice explorer and then got to explore the ice field ❄️ we also took up an empty water bottle and filled it up with the glacier water 💧❄️

This was such an incredible and memorable experience I highly recommend adding this one to your Live life list ❄️🤗❄️

xxx With Love Sc

Visit Canada

Thankyou Cananda 🇨🇦 You were beautiful ❤️ Natural beauty at its Finest 🌲🏔❄️ Cant wait to explore the rest of you someday ❤️

Live life and… Visit Canada. Open your eyes wider to the breath taking natural beauty our world has to offer 🌎

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Do absolutely nothing and enjoy every moment

If your looking for me Im right here recovering from jet lag 😴😴 ⠀⠀

‘nothings days’ where we lay in bed and watch movies all day is something we do at least once a month 😅 Sometimes you just need a nothing day 😌 💕 … or a nothing hour… or a nothing few minutes if your having one of those days 😂 Live life and… do absolutely nothing and enjoy every minute 😌 Sometimes you just need a day to recharge ☺️

xxx With Love SC

Kiss a cow

kiss a cow ❤️ because… why not? Cows are the best 🤗 This is my cow Abigail and she loves kisses, cuddles and Hot cross buns 😘 She gets extremely jealous when I show any of the other animals affection 😂 she’s so demanding and will Moo on repeat every morning until she receives her treats 😅 I think it’s hilarious that we have the same colour hair 😂❤️ Twinning with my cow 🤗🤗 ⠀

Live life and… Kiss a cow 😙

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Have a relaxing tub

Having a nice relaxing tub in this gorgeous old bath tucked away in the woods of Canada with my little man and my big pregnant belly. Obviously you don’t have to be tucked away in a log cabin in the woods to be able to enjoy a relaxing tub, run one at home , light some candles, put in some essential oils, put on some relaxing music or enjoy the silence and lay back and relax.  I love taking the time out to run a bath and relax, sometimes it’s not possible to have a bath peacefully when I’m on mummy duties to my energetic toddler 😘so my little man joins me and we relax together ( as much as you can with a toddler 😅) Freddy’s actually very snuggly and loves to cuddle so I got some relaxing in 😘😍

Live life and… Have a relaxing tub ❤️

xxx With Love SC


✔️ ⠀⠀

One of the quotes I live by: ⠀⠀

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

~Joshua Becker~


I want to own only things in my home that bring me joy

Only the clothes that I feel happy and amazing in

Only things that are useful like a cosy couch to snuggle my babies on 💗

keepsakes that I cherish and bring me joy like my sons first Birthday painting 💗

Owning less for me means less tidying and more quality time with those that I love 🤗

Live life and… Declutter ✨

Add it to your live life list

xxx With Love SC

Visit Crystal Castle

Home of the biggest and most beautiful crystals in the world 💜 and located in one of the cutest little towns Mullumbimby 💕

Live life and… visit Crystal Castle.

Add it to your live life list.

xxx With Love SC

Grow your own Veggies

This pumpkin was absolutely delicious!

It was actually grown accidentally …😂 our neighbours threw over old pumpkin for our pet cows and the seeds must have gone into the ground and a little while later a beautiful pumpkin vine was growing 🤗 ! ⠀⠀

After tasting the difference from a home grown pumpkin I now have a dream to have my own veggie garden! I think it will be exciting for my little babies too watch the veggies grow and grow before they get to pick them and eat them 🤗 After our little one arrives and I’m not carrying around a basket belly 🤰😘 I’m going to get in the yard with my Freddy monster and start our Veggie Patch 🤗🍓🍆🥕

Live life and… Grow your own Veggies

Add it to your live life list ❤️

Snap some photo of your thriving Veggie patch and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Fly in a seaplane


iphone (445)

One of my fears has become one of my favourite memories 🤗 Harry and I were both so scared about going on a sea plane but we knew our little Freddy would absolutely love it- and we ended up loving it too! Once we had taken off and we saw how happy Freddy was along with an amazing view over Canada the fear just diminished and turned into excitement and we found the whole experience amazing!

iphone (334)⠀⠀

At the end of the flight the pilot asked if Freddy would like to play in the pilot seat whilst he went and got some lunch and left us alone to press buttons and have fun – what a legend! I think everyone on the plane was jealous they didn’t have a toddler as an excuse to stay behind and play Pilot 😘

iphone (271)

Put this one on your live life list! 📌 Was so beautiful 🤗 so fun 🤗 and completely out of our comfort zone which made it exhilarating 🤗 ⠀⠀

Thanks Freddy for pushing mummy and daddy to face there fears to give you amazing experiences in life 💗 he gave me the biggest smooch after the plain ride to say thankyou ~ what a cutie 😍

Live life and…fly in a sea plane

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Reconnect with an old friend in person

No 81 ✔️ ⠀⠀

I absolutely love this little book from Kikki k 💕 It’s full of ideas of things to do offline and Im so grateful I stumbled across it because it has inspired me to do so many things I would have never thought to do and I’m so grateful I have ! No 81 has been one of my favourites 💗 I reconnected with an old friend from high school who I hadn’t been in contact with for over 10 years and resparked a wonderful old friendship 💗 We live in different states over 2,500km away and since reconnecting have caught up numerous times despite the distance and have had some amazing days together all because of some inspiring words on page 81 of this little book 🤗 💗

live life and… reconnect with an old friend ❤

Add it to your live life list ❤

xxx With Love SC

Explore a new city

Exploring new cities 🤗 I love love love exploring new cities finding all the good local food spots and walking through the streets admiring all the little attributes that make the city unique 💗 ⠀⠀

It’s a big World our there🌏 Go Explore🤗

Live life and…Explore a new city. Explore many ❤️

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Ride on a chairlift

We had just been driven up the mountain to learn all about Boo the Grizzly bear and his history but didn’t realise we weren’t getting a lift back down by car… so the only way down was by chairlift! Swinging chair lift + toddler + husband who loves to play pranks + 34 weeks pregnant – let’s just say I was a little nervous 😅😅 But I Pushed myself out of my comfort zone and jumped on! Well waddled on 😅( pregnant life 😂) and to my surprise Harry and Freddy sat peacefully ( so proud of them both 😘) and this was my view.. how could I not enjoy myself? !! Even got the courage to let go of my firm grip on the rail to reach into my bag for my camera to capture the moment so I can cherish forever ❤️

Live life and… ride on a chair lift.

Add it to your live life list ❤️

And if your game enough to let go of the rail and snap a photo to cherish as a memory share with #livelifeand 😘😘

xxx With Love SC

Takeaway Pizza on the beach

Sandy Pizza and good view of the big blue 🍕🌊👌 ⠀⠀

….also the big Pregnant belly clearly coming in very useful 🍕😘😅🤰

Sometimes the simple things like takeaway pizza, good company and a good view are the best ❤️

Live life and… Takeaway Pizza on the beach ❤️

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Burgers on the Beach

Last week pizza 🍕 This Week Burgers 🍔We get pretty hungry after playing at the beach 😘

Enjoy the simple things like getting some burgers and heading to the beach ❤️

Live life and… Burgers on the Beach 💛

Snap a photo and share with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


One of my favourite photos ❤️

Our little family In the forest with no technology, no phone reception , no distractions…just the three (and a half 🤰) of us in a tiny little cabin soaking up each other’s silliness 😘

P.S Daddy’s being the silliest behind the camera.. he always starts the fun 😘

Live life and… disconnect

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Go on region inspire picnics ~ Spanish Edition

We LOVE food. So one of our bucket list items is to learn and teach our beautiful children about foreign cuisines by going on region inspired picnics 🌎

Today we did a Spain edition with Paella and Virgin Sangria 😘Ive been learning Spanish for the past year and I can’t wait to teach Freddy but we might try master English with him first 😅 He wakes up everyday after his nap telling me about the “Bisch” he dreamt about – which is Freddy’s way of saying “Fish”😂😅 Seriously the cutest 😍😘

Live life and… Go on region inspired picnics.

Make learning fun and delicious 😘

Add it to your live life list ❤️

xxx With Love SC

Set Goals

27 today 🤗 I love to see my birthday as a fresh start and an opportunity to make plans and set goals for the 365 days ahead 💛 I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with a huge list so I picked 10 things for my 27th year 🙃

1. Support local artisans 🌻

2. Eat a whole food plant based diet 🌱

3. Try to better understand the mind of a toddler 🙈

4. Be playful, fun and not take life to seriously 🙃

5. Be adventurous , Try new things , and take risks 🦋

6.Be courageous enough to express my creativity. 🌈

7. Contribute to charities whenever I can 💛

8. Live more sustainably 🌿

9. Continue learning about anything that helps me grow as an individual, mother and human 🙏

10. This is my eighth year on the goldcoast… and I’m finally going to learn to surf the beautiful Goldcoast waves 🌊

Wish me luck ✌️ .

What are your goals for the year ahead? Do you enjoy setting goals and having direction?

Live life and… set goals ✨

Share your goals and inspire others with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

I LOVE Halloween 🧡 I love any celebration… but Halloween’s my favourite 🤗 I have planned lots of fun things for Freddy and I to do in the lead up to trick or treating 👻 We started off with a classic – Carve a Halloween Pumpkin 🎃 🤗🧡

Live life and… Carve a Halloween Pumpkin 🎃

Add it to your live life list 🧡

Share the fun with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Make pumpkin bread

Can’t take my eyes of this kid for a second 😅 Continuing the Halloween festivities today 🎃 Making Pumpkin Bread 🧡 Happy Thursday 🤗

Live life and… Make Pumpkin bread.

Share the fun with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Bake Halloween cookies

Caught in the act! 😅 Cheeky little Beast 😘

Continuing Halloween festivities baking Pumpkin Cookies today 🎃 His having his little friends over for Halloween morning tea tomorrow to Bust the piñata we made 🤗🧡 Just realised I have nothing to bust the piñata with … 🤔 Thinking of getting a stick from the backyard – 5 toddlers Whacking a piñata with sticks won’t be dangerous right? 😅

Live life and… Bake Halloween cookies 🎃

Share the fun with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Watch the classics this Halloween

When our little Beastie goes to bed we continue the Halloween festivities for Growups 🎃😘 Watching the classics Ofcourse 😁 – I use to love scary movies and now I am the biggest wuss 🙈 I was so nervous about watching this thinking I would get nightmares 😳 … but we ended up laughing the whole movie because the 80s acting is so incredibly bad and dramatic 😂 😅

P.s Excuse baby Frankie’s bootie 😘

Live life and… watch the classics this Halloween.

Share the fun with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Bust a homemade Piñata

My turn with the rake!!! 😅 I love toddlers 😂

Flour , water , newspaper and a whole lot of fun 🧡

Live life and… bust a homemade piñata!

Share the fun with #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC

Explore different Beaches


2017 (887)-2.jpg

I live on the Gold coast so there are lots of beaches to choose from! We definitely have our regular beach (its Cabarita and its beautiful!) but lately I’ve been trying to stray from our familiar beaches and explore new ones, each beach is unique and beautiful and a whole new adventure! So, I researched all the beaches close to us added them to our Live Life List and started exploring! I didn’t grow up on the Gold coast I’m a Tassie girl so there is so much of the Gold coast I have not yet seen. My husband Harry is a local boy and quite the tour guide! 

Live life and… explore different beaches! Explore all the different beaches in your area or travel to a new area and suss out the beaches there! Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand


xxx With Love SC


Buy a beautiful bunch of flowers for someone special.

Why wait for a special occasion? Lets make an occasion special. 

Live life and…  shed a bit of kindness today, buy  some beautiful flowers or pick some from the garden for someone special to you. Spread the kindness. Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xxx With Love SC


Make a rainbow Cake

Live life and…Make a Rainbow Cake 🌈

…because life with colour is more fun 🤗

Add it to your live life list 😘

xxx With Love SC

Live in the present moment

Spend the day in bed.jpg

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives , to get lost in the past or future , always thinking ahead at the next thing you will be doing  and we forget to live in the moment. We forget to smell the fresh air, see how beautiful our surroundings are, actually taste our food, feel the soft sheets and we close our eyes for bed.  Being present has always been a struggle for me but I make an effort to work on it everyday, I stop what I’m doing for just five minutes and be completely in the here and now, I usually do this  in the morning whilst my hot tea is brewing beside me. It clears my mind and brings a feeling of calm and relaxation. Sometimes my thoughts start to run crazy and once I notice I just become present again, not criticize or get annoyed at my high traffic mind but just become aware that they are there and return to the here and now. I’ve also started walking half an hour everyday, no phones allowed just Myself, Freddy in the Pram and nature. I make an effort to look at the trees and notice the colours, feel the weather,  the hot sun or cool breeze, smell the air, listen to the birds and different sounds and its such a beautiful part of my day ( I probably look like a crazy person walking up the street with a big smile on my face sniffing the air ha ha but its amazing!)

live life list edited (126).jpg

I find being near the ocean is a really easy way to become present and really live in the moment,  there’s something so calming about the big blue. Head to the beach walk to where the ocean meets the golden sand and feel the ocean between your toes, close your eyes and be present, smell the air, feel the breeze, listen to the waves, just be present in that moment.

live life list edited (153)-2

Live life and… feel the ocean between your toes.. be present. I think its important to be present for this one so no photos necessary but if you want to capture the moment after you’ve experienced that feeling of being peaceful, present and alive then snap away or ask someone to Capture the moment for you and share with hashtag #livelifeand

Add it to your live life list!

xxx With Love SC1V8A2846


Feed the birds

I’m actually scared of seagulls… all birds actually… and my dear friend Melissa prior to this photo pointed out how ridiculous my fear of birds is… (yes is… not was… I’m still terrified ha ha) Hence this photo was not planned… but whilst were standing in the ocean Melissa threw left over chips to them and suddenly we were surrounded by a whole flock of seagulls! My Husband harry managed to capture it! I don’t know if I’m laughing at how we were like the Pied pipers of sea gulls or using laughter as a coping mechanism to get through this terrifying experience!

Live life and… feed the birds! It turned out to be hilarious! Add it to your live life list!

Capture the moment and share with hashtag #livelifeand

xx With Love SC